When a snow plow hits your mailbox, who do you call?

There were a few mailbox casualties along Hitchcock Road in Boardman

The roads are in better shape Monday than they were over the weekend but that didn’t happen overnight. Snow plows have been clearing the roads around the Valley for days now. That means there were some mailbox casualties.

A few were along Hitchcock Road in Boardman. Josh Smith said with the cold, it’s just bad timing.

“You have to go fix your mailbox and it’s 5 degrees out.”

He went to the police first to report his mailbox as a hit-and-run but they told him to contact Boardman Township or Mahoning County to see about replacing it.

Different communities have different policies on replacing those mailboxes. If yours gets knocked over or broken, contact your city or township.

If you live on a State Route, the Ohio Department of Transportation will send people out to investigate and potentially replace your mailbox. You can report a damaged mailbox by calling ODOT:

  • Mahoning County: 330-786-4843
  • Trumbull County: 330-786-4987
  • Columbiana County: 330-339-6633

One way to prevent your mailbox from getting knocked over is by putting up a barrier around it, such as plywood.

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