Trump ‘jokingly’ asks Congress to make him a 16 year president

Watch: Trump ‘jokingly’ asks Congress to make him a 16 year president (Details)
April 12, 2018 Jada Brown US Politics
On Thursday, Trump asked a congressman if the U.S. could extend presidential term limits so he could remain president for 16 years. He quickly added that he was joking.  This happened at a Rose Garden event to tout the new GOP tax law but Trump went off script.  Trump stated, “We’re cutting record numbers of regulations — we’ve cut more regulations in a year and a quarter than any administration whether it’s four years, eight years, or in one case 16 years. Should we go back to 16 years? Should we do that? Congressman, can we do that?”
Trump doesn’t seem to know that there was no president who served 16 years. However, this seemed to be in reference to President Franklin D. Roosevelt who won a fourth term but died before he finished the term. Roosevelt ended up serving a little over 12 years. Roosevelt was also very popular- unlike Trump.
This is not the first time Trump talked about extending his presidency beyond the two-term limit.
During a closed-door fundraiser, Trump had stated, “Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.” This happened after news broke that China got rid of their presidential term limits.

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