The Daily Show Just Said Farewell to Sean Spicer in a Hilarious Tribute

Posted By: S. L. Nickerson July 21, 2017

Satirical News program the Daily Show put together a send-off montage for Sean Spicer, who resigned from his post as White House Press Secretary on Friday.

The Comedy Central show shared the video on Twitter with the words, “R.I.P. Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary, 2017 – 2017.”

The video clip is a highlight reel of some of Spicers well-documented blunders during White Hous press briefings. For instance, the video touches on Spicer’s insistence that Trump’s inauguration was the largest ever (it wasn’t), his struggles to pronounce Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s name, and his berating of reporters. The video ends with Spicer leaving the podium and the White House press corps calling after him as he disappeared (another antic Spicer was known for).

The Daily Show’s “goodbye” video also highlighted Spicer’s controversial briefing where he tried to compare al-Assad to Hiter. Spicer incorrectly said Hitler never used chemical weapons and called concentration camps “holocaust centers” — statements he later had to apologize for.

Spicer resigned from his post suddenly on Friday, telling President Donald Trump he disagreed with Trump’s hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Trump allegedly wanted Spicer to stay in his post, but Spicer replied that the president was making a “major mistake.” Spicer himself was initially brought on by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to great skepticism from Trump. Many expected Spicer’s departure to happen at some point, as his role had been diminished and White Hosue spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders had largely taken over the on-camera (and off) press briefings over the last few weeks.

Spicer was repeatedly lampooned on social media and on Saturday Night Live for his fumbling of words and odd explanations for Trump’s behavior, with actor Melissa McCarthy, who would later receiving an Emmy nomination.

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