Why Everyone Should Care Who the New Postmaster General Is

Postal unions fear that the Trump administration will use the selection of the next postmaster general to initiate its agenda of postal privatization.


January 13, 2020



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Donald Trump Is About To Put His Stamp On The U.S. Postal Service

The president’s appointees will select a new postmaster general, who could reshape the agency for years to come — and move it toward privatization.
The U.S. Postal Service could look a lot more like a private corporation in a few years.

The current postmaster general, Megan Brennan, plans to step down from her position in early 2020 after a career in the Postal Service and five years as the first woman to head it. The agency’s board of governors, which is now stocked with a quorum of Senate-approved Trump nominees, will name her successor.  Like other close watchers of the agency, Ronnie Stutts, president of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, suspects the board will look outside the Postal Service for its next leader, perhaps to someone in the business world. Stutts’ biggest fear is that it will choose someone eager to spin pieces of the service off to the private sector.


After all, as Fortune recently reported, that’s what the White House has recommended ― to turn the independent federal agency into an investor-owned utility.

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USPS seeking sources for Unmanned Aircraft System (drones) as delivery vehicles

September 23, 2019 — The United States Postal Service (Postal Service or USPS) is investigating the feasibility of utilizing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones as delivery vehicles for mail as an integrated part of its vehicle delivery fleet, as well as to provide image and other data collection services.

The Postal Service recognizes that the ability of UAS to supplement mail delivery and information collection can substantially benefit the country and further the development of other autonomous systems.

The Postal Service seeks information from UAS operators and developers interested in providing aircraft and aircraft operations for delivery of mail and to collect geodetic/spatial data to improve all autonomous vehicle performance.

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