Police: Naked man killed Ohio Post Office supervisor

Postal employees say they saw suspect Deshaune Stewart, 24, naked in the sorting bay pointing a handgun at the supervisor
By WCMH Staff Published: December 23, 2017, 12:55 pm Updated: December 23, 2017, 4:21 pm
DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) – Police say a naked United States Postal Service employee shot a supervisor to death early Saturday morning at a post office before attacking and killing another supervisor at her home.

It happened at 4:25 a.m. Saturday at the United States Post Office on the 6400 block of Emerald Parkway.

According to documents from the Franklin County Municipal Court, postal employees told Dublin Police they saw 24-year-old suspect Deshaune Stewart naked in the sorting bay. He was pointing a handgun at 52-year-old postal supervisor Lance Herrera-Dempsey.

One of the witnesses said he saw Stewart, a post office employee, shoot Herrera-Dempsey twice: Once while standing and once when the victim was on the ground. Stewart then allegedly fled.

Two postal employees told police they knew Stewart and had seen him at the facility over the past several years. They added he was supposed to be at work at 7 a.m. Saturday.

Stewart faces an aggravated murder charge for Herrera-Dempsey’s death and a murder charge for the death of another victim who he reportedly shot and killed at an apartment complex Saturday.

Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian said Stewart was under investigation at his job.

“One was his supervisor, the other was an investigator who was investigating him for some type of misconduct,” Sicilian said. “There had been some type of investigation into his misconduct and it had culminated and to possibly him being terminated and this was apparently his response was very violent.”

The United States Postal Service inspection office released the following statement:

We can confirm that shooting incidents occurred at the Dublin, Ohio Post Office along with a related shooting at the Bowland Place apartment complex in the early morning hours of Dec. 23, 2017. Because this tragic matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Postal Inspection Service and local law enforcement, we are not yet in a position to provide details concerning the incidents, although we can say the suspect believed to be responsible for the shootings was apprehended and is in custody. We are referring all additional media inquiries to the Southern District of Ohio U.S. Attorney’s Press Office and they will provide additional information at the appropriate time.”
No further details were immediately available.

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Jordanian man accused of lying about citizenship to purchase ‘sniper rifle’

Investigators said the suspect, who is living in Youngstown, tried to buy the firearm at Fin Feather Fur in Boardman
By WKBN Staff Published: November 17, 2017, 1:36 pm Updated: November 17, 2017, 7:06 pm

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Jordanian man living in Youngstown is accused of making a false claim of citizenship to purchase a firearm.

Abdul Maola Alabadi, 35, is accused of going to Fin Feather Fur Outfitters in Boardman to purchase a rifle earlier this year.

The manager called police after he said Alabadi made suspicious comments, which made him stop the sale of the firearm. He said Alabadi purchased a 9 mm pistol the previous week, according to the court documents.

Alabadi told a sales associate he wanted to purchase a “sniper rifle for training.” The manager estimated Alabadi was in the store for two to three hours, and at one point, had someone come to translate and attempt to purchase a firearm for him, according to court documents.

During the previous purchase of the 9 mm, Alabadi checked a box indicating he was a U.S. citizen, according to investigators. Alabadi is not a U.S. citizen, according to court documents.

The investigation preceding the information was conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The matter is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney David M. Toepfer.

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Nurses at Lima Memorial Hospital Celebrate New Contract

The nurses’ union overwhelmingly ratifies three-year deal with hospital

LIMA, Ohio – The nurses represented by the Ohio Nurses Association at Lima Memorial Hospital are celebrating a contract win, with an overwhelming number of the nurses voting on October 23rd to ratify the new contract.

The nearly 300 strong nursing union secured an 11% across the board wage increase over the life of the contract – a benefit this group has never seen before. Other gained benefits include:

• A 114% per hour shift differential increase for weekend shift.
• A 17% per hour shift differential increase for charge nurses.
• A $3 per hour (first year of contract), $3.50 (second year) and $4 per hour (third year) shift differential increase for night shift.
• Paid time off for senior nurses that is equitable to non-union hospital personnel.
“The across the board wage and shift differential increases make our pay competitive with other hospitals, which ultimately helps the hospital retain nurses. It’s expensive to replace a nurse, and paying us a fair wage keeps good, experienced nurses who can provide the best patient care here at Lima Memorial,” said Mary Bales, union president.

The nurses fought hard for the increases and to retain current benefits – like the ability to take education days to keep up with current nursing practices.

“Our nurses came together like never before to secure a contract that included fair wages and the continued opportunity for professional development. At the bargaining table, I was proud to deliver nearly 200 petition signatures from our nurses demanding a fair and equitable agreement. We are a testament of what can be accomplished when we stand together as one,” continued Bales.

The new contract is effective November 1, 2017 for three years.

The Ohio Nurses Association is the largest nursing union in Ohio, representing over 7,500 nurses in the state.


About ONA: Formed in 1904, the Ohio Nurses Association is a powerful network of registered nurses who are committed to advancing nursing through education, political action and workplace advocacy. ONA is the leading voice of the approximately 190,000 professional registered nurses in Ohio. To become a member of the Ohio Nurses Association, visit www.ohnurses.org.

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Republican senator thinks $150,000 is a middle-class income in Ohio

By Alison R. Parker   | October 15, 2017

GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s assessment of what “middle class” means in terms of income is further proof of how out of touch the Republican Party is from the reality of most Americans’ lives.

Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman has a rather grand view of what “middle class” means

According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, middle class incomes in America are the highest on average that they have ever been.

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman must have gotten a little confused by that report, though.

Because while the Bureau notes that between 2015 and 2016, median income in the U.S. rose to $59,039 — an increase of 3.2 percent — Portman offered a very different assessment of what classifies as a “middle class income.”

During a discussion of the tax scheme being pushed by the Trump administration and Republican Party leaders, Fox News host Leland Vittert pressed Portman to give the American people a clear explanation of what a “middle class tax cut” means.

“The only thing everybody in Washington seems to agree on is that this tax cut should be for the middle class, which begs the next question: What is the middle class?,” Vittert asked. “When will the Senate finally define for Americans who gets the tax cuts and what the income brackets are?”

Portman tried to dodge the direct request, saying that “it is focused on the middle class” before going on to talk about job creation and “[bringing] back investments to America.” And he again used the vague phrase “middle class tax cut” without offering any actual numbers.

Vittert didn’t let it drop, though, and when he finally got Portman to cough up a number, it was obvious why the senator had been trying to avoid doing so.

“You can’t put in a bill — you know better than I do — ‘middle class tax cut,’ Vittert stated. “Don’t the American people have a right to hear something other than just ‘middle class tax cut’ over and over?”

Portman rambled on about having the proposals analyzed and claimed that “the actual numbers are not all in place yet.” But when Vittert asked where Portman would draw the line for middle-class incomes for his constituents in Ohio, Portman finally offered up a number.

“About $150 grand for a family,” he declared.

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Considering that number is about $100,000 over the median income, a whole lot of middle class families, in Ohio and across the nation, would likely beg to differ with Portman.

It is unsurprising for a Republican politician to evince such a disconnect with the reality of daily life for the vast majority of the country. After all, this is a party currently led by a man who thinks health insurance only costs $12 a month and who has on his staff an economic adviser who thinks you can buy a new car or renovate a kitchen for $1,000.

A party that keeps telling people afraid of losing health care coverage to just go to the emergency room for whatever medical care they need, and that claims any and all birth control needs can be met at the local grocery store, clearly does not exactly have its finger on the pulse of middle class lives.

A whole lot of working Americans would love to be making what Portman thinks they’re earning. But the tax scam he and his party are pushing sure isn’t going to get them there.

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