White collar crime expert explains how Trump’s ‘Spygate’ is a typical ‘con’ from ‘a longtime con artist’

David Edwards
David Edwards
23 May 2018 at 15:01 ET
Jennifer Taub speaks to CNN (screen grab)
White collar crime expert Jennifer Taub explained to CNN on Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s so-called “Spygate” conspiracy theory is a like a typical scam conducted by a “con artist.”  “The president of the United States has just elevated a conspiracy theory to a government plot with zero evidence,” CNN host Brooke Baldwin announced, pointing to Trump’s baseless allegation that an FBI “spy” infiltrated his 2016 campaign.

“We have this conspiracy theory president who has launched this mega, mega P.R. blitz based on total rumor,” Baldwin said.

Taub observed that “desperation” was making Trump float conspiracy theories as facts.

“Reality is not on his side,” she pointed out. “And he’s a longtime con artist… Con artists need two types of people to keep the con going. They need the enablers who know what’s going on but are benefiting in some way by the con. And then they also need people they target, their marks.”

“It’s really disappointing for those members of Congress who are sort of whispering among themselves — and I’m speaking about the Republicans,” Taub continued, “that they don’t trust this guy, that this is outrageous, that he’s undermining the rule of law, that he’s trying to target [special counsel] Bob Mueller and so on. But they don’t speak out about it publicly or if they do, it’s those who are not running for office again.”
Baldwin pointed out that some polls indicate that Trump’s “con” is working because a portion of people have “soured on Bob Mueller.”

“The fact that most Republicans believe him is indicative of where our politics are,” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin remarked.

“This is not normal,” Baldwin agreed.

“What Trump and his allies have succeeded in doing is making [Robert Mueller] into another political player,” Toobin added. “I don’t think it’s an accurate perception of what’s Mueller is doing. But in the absence of his voice or in the absence of other people who are authoritative responding, this is where we are.”

“It just makes you think,” Baldwin replied, “that down the road, when Mueller finds whatever he finds, based on all this [pounding] from the president, then what?”

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CNN Brooke Baldwin outraged at Clay Travis (Video)

Brooke Baldwin Outraged As Clay Travis Talks Boobs On CNN

Try and count how many times this guy said 'boobs' live on CNN

Posted by NowThis Politics on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper finds it odd Hannity never mentioned Cohen connection

April 16, 2018

On CNN Monday night, Anderson Cooper wondered aloud why Fox News’ Sean Hannity never disclosed to viewers that he was a client of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, despite having countless opportunities to do so.
It was revealed in court on Monday that Hannity was Cohen’s mysterious third client, a fact Cohen’s lawyer fought to keep private. Hannity is one of Trump’s fiercest supporters, often using his TV and radio shows to boost the president and denigrate those he sees as his enemies (right now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey). “It would seem the president and Sean Hannity share more than dinners and frequent phone calls and a mutual love of Fox News programming,” Cooper said. “They also share an attorney. This did not come out willingly in court.”
Once his name was out there, Hannity quickly tweeted that Cohen “has never represented me in any matter.” Hannity said he’d asked Cohen legal questions, “almost exclusively about real estate,” but he “assumed those conversations were confidential.” “So what he seems to be saying is, ‘I was not really a client of attorney Michael Cohen’s, but our conversations are confidential because he is an attorney and I am his client,” Cooper recapped.
Regardless of the exact nature of their relationship, “let’s not forget one week ago today, there was a raid on Michael Cohen’s office and Hannity reported on it on Fox News as if he had absolutely no connection to the story,” Cooper said. “No disclosure, no disclaimer, not even a casual mention that, ‘Oh yeah, this guy also represents me in some form or fashion.'” Then came the dig at Fox News’ famous slogan. “Not disclosing a business or legal relationship with someone you report on and had on as your guest at least 16 times since Donald Trump declared his presidency, that doesn’t sound either fair nor balanced,” Cooper said. Catherine Garcia

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Man Angry Over ‘Fake News’ Threatened to Commit Mass Murder at CNN HQ

Posted on January 23, 2018 at 12:35pm
A man threatened to commit mass murder at CNN headquarters because of fake news.

Brandon Griesemer, 19, reportedly made 22 calls to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in one week. During those calls, he ranted about “fake news” and claimed he had lots of guns.

“I’m smarter than you. More powerful than you. I have more guns than you. More manpower. Your cast is about to get gunned down in a matter of hours,” the man is purported to say, according to BBC’s report, which cites court documents.

He also threatened to “gun every single last one of you.”

The FBI was able to trace the number and arrested Griesemer, who lives in Michigan. The same number was also used to threaten an Islamic Center in Ann Arbor.

CNN is a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s “fake news” tirades.

Just today, Trump took aim at CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

He has also repeatedly retweeted violent memes depicting “fake news” CNN as the victim.

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