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  1. It is unclear to me if this is the place for comments of this nature, but if so:

    I have been thinking for months now: Does no one else see this as a FUNDAMENTAL FLAW in the structure of our government?

    A presidential candidate (anyone) can break any and every Federal law to get elected, and then simply pardon him/herself, and anyone else he/she chooses, out of trouble and comfortably reign supreme, as long as his/her party controls the Congressional houses? DOES THIS SOUND LIKE “DEMOCRACY”?

    Does ANYONE else feel the urgent need for a major effort at Constitutional revision to correct this blatant festering sore on our government’s very face?

    The majority (by three million+) of voters in this country are being held hostage by a minority coalition of our electorate, and this insane power of pardon makes our tormentor immune to the rules of law that WE IN TURN are GOVERNED BY.

    It feels very much to me like living in a COLONY of some non–caring imperialist regime across some gulf or sea, a gulf between us and our law-immune governor if nothing else. THIS is the sort of thing, of tyranny, that 1776 and our Constitution WAS SUPPOSED TO PREVENT, is it NOT ??

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