Put The Postal Deficit Problem Where It Belongs!

The postal deficit is in the news again.  We are losing money left and right.  The USPS can’t pay their 2006 retirement bill of billions of dollars every year.  The internet is still killing us.  First class mail volume is way down, we will have to excess and close mail processing plants again.  We will only deliver mail 5 days a week.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  As postal workers, we have been hearing this CRAP for at least 10 years now!

When I was a union official in Youngstown, Ohio we did a study on what it costs for all of the supervisors and postmasters who had grievances and EEOs in and around our location of Youngstown, Ohio.  Guess what, in our little town of Youngstown and surrounding areas;  it added up to hundreds of thousand of dollars a year.  I’m talking hundreds of thousand of dollars in a small town compared to the much larger cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo etc.

We are talking astronomical amounts of money that the USPS had to pay out to employees because of grievances and EEOs.  WHY?  Because supervisors and postmasters that are promoted because they do nothing more than kiss the bosses butt!  That’s it!  It’s not because they have gone to school and graduated with a degree in business management.  Not because they were good workers and wanted to make a difference and change things for the better.

Basically, clerks, carriers, etc. that don’t want to do anything have decided to move up the ranks in management, so they become 204b’s or OICs and start kissing butt.  Before they know it, they are promoted, and the next thing they are getting in trouble and have grievances and EEOs filed against them because they don’t know the first thing about running a post office or the contract.  There’s the deficit!

In conclusion, I would just like to say that if the Post Office wants to blame something about the postal deficit, maybe they should educate or get rid of, not just move around the trouble in management.  I guarantee the deficit will be a lot less!

In solidarity,

Frank Antinone

Retired Postal Worker

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