Adam Schiff Immediately Puts Mitch McConnell On Trial With Trump


Schiff said:

We always felt a certain urgency about this impeachment given that the president was trying to get foreign help and cheating in the next election. But as soon as we did take up and pass the articles Mitch Mcconnell made it clear he didn’t want a trial in the senate. That he didn’t want to hear from witnesses, he didn’t want documents and this time has given us the ability to show the American people the necessity of a fair trial. To expose the degree to which McConnell is working hand in hand with the subject of the impeachment, the president, to essentially turn what should be a trial into a sham. And that time has been I think very effective in not only bringing new evidence to light, and the evidence was already overwhelming. But also forcing senators to go on record. Do they want a fair trial when it’s fair to the president but also fair to the American people, or are they going to participate in a cover-up? I think it’s been very effective and as you have seen additional evidence continues to come to light that not only has bolstered an already overwhelming case but put additional pressure on the Senate to conduct a fair trial.

The last thing I’ll say is Mitch Mcconnell has taken to saying that the senate should only consider the closed record that comes from the House. And as if what the senate is is not a trial but an appeal from a trial. But of course the senate — the framers had in mind a real trial with witnesses and evidence and if McConnell makes this the first trial in history without witnesses it will be exposed for what it is and that’s an effort to cover up for the president.

Finally, some have suggested as part of your question, why didn’t we wait to get more testimony? Well, we have sought McGahn’s president — Don McGahn’s the president’s lawyer since April of last year. We still don’t have a final court judgment, so yes, we could have waited years to get testimony, further testimony from all of the people that the president has been obstructing, but that would have completely negated the impeachment power. By virtue of obstruction to prevent his own impeachment and that was an unacceptable course particularly when the whole object is to cheat in the election which is the ordinary way for dealing with a corrupt presidency.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) created this situation by openly announcing that he is working with Trump on an impeachment trial cover-up. Chairman Schiff has a very interesting strategy of not only making the case against Trump but pressuring House Republicans to do the right thing in the trial. Schiff is making it clear that it isn’t just Trump who is on trial, but also Senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell, who will go down with this president if they embrace the cover-up.


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The Wall Street Journal Accidentally Reports the Plain Truth about Soleimani’s Assassination

Yup, it was because of Trump’s impeachment.
John Stoehr
Jan 10
The plain truth can often be so obvious as to be invisible. That’s my more charitable interpretation of the press corps’ coverage of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination. My less charitable interpretation? Reporters and editors in Washington, D.C., will find a way to avoid seeing the plain truth because the plain truth is too unbearable to see.It would be unbearable to think the president ordered a man dead in order to give Republican Senators a means of defending him against an indictment for abuse of power and obstruction. It would be unthinkable for him to bring America to the brink of war in order to create an image of a “war president” too indispensable to remove.  The buried lede suggests something else worth exploring.

As a result, the press corps has been busy this week reporting in granular detail virtually every aspect of Donald Trump’s decision last week to target and kill Iran’s top general in Baghdad. Everything, that is, short of reporting the plain, obvious and unbearable truth: the president ordered a man’s death because he was impeached.

That reporters and editors in Washington, D.C, find ways to avoid seeing the plain truth was brought to mind by this morning’s Wall Street Journal. In a piece about the president’s new national security team—how its “cohesion” resulted in Soleimani’s assassination—seven esteemed reporters committed one of journalism’s professional sins. They buried the lede. Nearly 30 paragraphs into a 2,200-word story, they said:

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Donald Trump Is About To Put His Stamp On The U.S. Postal Service

The president’s appointees will select a new postmaster general, who could reshape the agency for years to come — and move it toward privatization.
The U.S. Postal Service could look a lot more like a private corporation in a few years.

The current postmaster general, Megan Brennan, plans to step down from her position in early 2020 after a career in the Postal Service and five years as the first woman to head it. The agency’s board of governors, which is now stocked with a quorum of Senate-approved Trump nominees, will name her successor.  Like other close watchers of the agency, Ronnie Stutts, president of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, suspects the board will look outside the Postal Service for its next leader, perhaps to someone in the business world. Stutts’ biggest fear is that it will choose someone eager to spin pieces of the service off to the private sector.


After all, as Fortune recently reported, that’s what the White House has recommended ― to turn the independent federal agency into an investor-owned utility.

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