Tony D. McKinnon Sr. announces his candidacy for APWU National President

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BREAKING NEWS: The movement has begun!

APWU workers for change, these words are not a slogan nor are they a team but a movement for workers in the plants, stations, MVS, Maintenance, Support Services and small offices. APWU workers for change stands for the most important part of the union YOU THE MEMBER.

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APWU National Presidents Conference discourages sharing on social media

Save the APWU·Thursday, March 21, 2019
(Photo credit: Samuel Wood, President, Southwest Florida APWU Local)
Those in attendance at the APWU National Presidents Conference allegedly voted to impose a ban from those in attendance from posting the events of the conference on social media. Our source reports this motion was made by Omar Fernandez President, APWU State of Vermont. We will work to find additional sources to confirm Mr. Fernandez made this motion. However, one would believe it might be as there is almost no information on social media about the National Presidents Conference.
From recent NPC reports shared via email and APWU websites at the local level one would be led to believe this was due to heated debate over an alleged violation of the APWU Constitution by APWU National President Mark Dimondstein.
From what I can tell from sources mentioned above President Dimondstein was asked about his alleged violation of the APWU Constitution for failing to utilize the APWU National Craft Directors to extend mandated by the constitution during the negotiating process for the union’s national labor contract. I personally will use the term alleged because the APWU is a very secretive organization that does not promote transparency. If this is found to be true one would wonder what the penalties of such actions are? Will there be a formal investigation and what are the procedures for holding such an investigation?
I have made telephone calls, sent emails and texts to those in attendance to learn more about the social media ban. Supposedly the ban was imposed so members of the locals could learn of the events of the conference from their local officers before finding out about them on social media. I totally agree with this ban. One wouldn’t want to learn via social media their union was facing a lawsuit for failing to represent their members in contract negotiations via social media. For the sake of full transparency, I personally know of no such pending legal action against the APWU. However, the thought has entered my mind maybe this was one of their fears.

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Statement by Mark Dimondstein President, American Postal Workers Union on White House Postal Task Force on the Postal Service Report

December 5, 2018

12/04/2018 – If the White House Task Force on the Postal Service’s report was assigned a ZIP Code it would be 00000. This poorly conceived report makes many of its recommendations based on myth and misinformation that instead of improving mail services, would deliver higher prices and less service for the public.

The facts are: The public Postal Service serves each and every person. According to recent surveys by Gallup and the Pew Research Center, it enjoys the highest level of satisfaction and trust of any government service or agency. The United States has the lowest postage rates in the industrialized world. USPS doesn’t take a penny in tax dollars and under the universal service mandate delivers to 157 million addresses six days a week at affordable prices.

This report calls for slashing universal service. Recommendations would slow down service, reduce delivery days and privatize large portions of the public Postal Service. Most of the report’s recommendations, if implemented, would hurt business and individuals alike.

No institution is better suited for the ecommerce revolution than the USPS. This is why some on Wall Street and their enablers on this task force want to position the Postal Service for sale to private interests. The recommendations of the task force are not in the public interest. Our union will continue to strongly advocate for a robust public Postal Service and the rights of the hundreds of thousands of dedicated public servants who move the mail every day.

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