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My name is Frank Antinone, owner and webmaster of the website thepostalblogger.com which is an informational website for postal and federal articles, news, blogs and information. Federal laws and regulations are constantly changing in the postal/federal world especially now with the Trump Administration and a Republican Congress.  As Postal and Federal workers, both current and retired; all of our jobs, benefits and retiree benefits are at risk and we need to keep up to date.

As a recently retired postal worker I have seen many changes at The United States Postal Service.  The world of the USPS has changed drastically and will continue to do so.  All of us have to be involved and informed to the best of our ability, and I feel that thepostalblogger.com will be the most current news source so every postal and federal worker can stay up to date on issues that involve all of us.

Just as Postal and Federal policies and laws change daily,  the website thepostalblogger.com will probably always be changing and a work in progress, so stop back often.

Our Vision

“Our Vision” is the ability that we have to disseminate information to postal and federal workers, so they can be aware of what is going on in the Federal Government or the United States Postal Service to keep their present jobs, pay scale, benefits and retirement annuities and supplements that they are entitled to.

We feel that many postal websites are outdated and not current with their information and news articles.  That is why we feel that thepostalblogger.com will offer a full website with current news, blogs and information and we will strive to keep it that way.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we will talk about ours.  I retired from The United States Postal Service in 2016.  I held many union positions within the 31 years that I worked at The Post Office.  I have always enjoyed being a part of the union and helping members with their constant battle against management at the USPS.  Even though I am retired, I still have the ambition and drive to help postal and federal workers in any way that I can.  That is why I started the website thepostalblogger.com.  

Being an editor for many years made me want to carry on the writing, photo gallery and political cartoons that I put in our union publication.  What better way than to create a website that offers all of that and keeps postal and federal workers informed on what is going on with their jobs and to keep it current.  I hope you enjoy the website and return often for the most current informationblogs, news and articles.

Meet The Team

Frank Antinone

Owner and Founder of thepostalblogger.com

I retired from the United States Postal Service in 2016, with 31 years seniority as a full dues paying member of the American Postal Workers Union in Youngstown, Ohio.

I was very active in the local union for most of the 31 years that I worked at The USPS.  I held positions such as Steward, Chief Steward, Safety Captain, Clerk Craft Director and a member of the Local Safety and Health Committee in Youngstown, Ohio.

Most recently I was the local editor of The Dispatcher, the union newsletter of Youngstown, Ohio Area Local 443 for eight years, which we won five National PPA Awards.  I also held the office on The National Advisory Council with the APWU Postal Press Association as an Editor-At-Large for four years.





Carol Moschella

Associate Website Editor and Advisor for thepostalblogger.com

Carol was with the Post Office for over 20 years.  She has held many union positions with The American Postal Workers Union such as Trustee, Legislative Director , Secretary, Grievance Coordinator and Associate Editor for The Dispatcher in Youngstown, Ohio.  Her expertise will be invaluable with helping to maintain the website thepostalblogger.com

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