12 Prominent Russians Have Now Died Suspicious Deaths During Trump-Russia Scandal


Posted by April Hamlin on 20 Apr 2017

Since news of Donald Trump’s likely collusion with Russia broke, prominent Russians with ties to the scandal keep turning up dead under suspicious circumstances. Nikolai Andrushchenko became number 12 on Thursday.

On March 19, Andrushchenko, a well-known anti-Putin journalist, was beaten unconscious. On Thursday, he finally succumbed to his injuries and died, becoming the 12th prominent Russian to die since the dossier that exposed Trump’s collusion with Russia on hacking the 2016 election became public in January. It is not yet clear whether he had direct ties to the Trump scandal, but we know for a fact that many of the dozen Russians to wind up dead in recent months did.

The Palm Report has been keeping track of the Russian bodies that keep stacking up, and what they have reported on this subject is chilling.

Oleg Erovinkin and Sergei Mikhailov were both former Russian intel agents. It was thought that they helped compile the information contained in the Russian dossier. Shortly after the document was made public, they both wound up dead. The last time Mikhailov was seen, he was being dragged out of a meeting with a bag over his head.
Mikhail Lesin and Sergey Krivov were both Russian diplomats and they were both found dead in the United States. Both suffered severe head trauma, but according to Russia, both died of heart attacks.
Nikolai Gorokhov was supposed to testify “as an opposition witness in a trial which Putin was trying to use to clear the way for Donald Trump to lift sanctions.” The day before he was scheduled to take the stand, he ended up flying out of a fourth story window. According to the Kremlin-funded media, the fall was the result of a bathtub accident.
Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, died of a supposed heart attack while in New York.
Alex Oronov was a Ukrainian businessman who was born in the Soviet Union. He was responsible for setting up a “meeting between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and Russian mafia connected former Trump business associate Felix Sater, at the behest of Kremlin-controlled Ukrainian politician Andrey Artemenko. That meeting led to a Ukraine blackmail plan being delivered to Michael Flynn’s office just before he resigned.” He ended up dead after the New York Times exposed the plot and Artemenko claims his death was the direct result of the article. Go figure, he just happened to live in one of Trump’s buildings.
Andrey Malanin, another Russian diplomat, was found dead in his apartment in Athens.
Andrey Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was murdered on live television.
Petr Polshikov, yet another Russian diplomat, was shot and killed in Moscow.
Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker, was shot to death outside the Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev after fleeing the Ukraine in 2016.
That’s an awful lot of bodies piling up awfully fast, making for one hell of a string of coincidental deaths. Kind of makes you think that maybe all these natural and accidental deaths weren’t so natural or accidental after all, doesn’t it?

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