Mueller did not exonerate Trump. Barr acted as judge and jury. Now Congress needs to do its job

Politics abhors a vacuum and Attorney General Bill Barr filled it Sunday when he tried to exonerate Donald Trump using the “Mueller report” as a fig leaf. Barr acted as judge and jury in a three page letter deeming Trump’s innocence without any evidence, explanation, or even the Mueller report itself

First, let me start with a fact. We have not seen the Mueller report. Let me repeat that…We have not seen the Mueller report. Not one page. Not one paragraph. Not one period. Nothing. So, we have no idea what is in it, what Mueller did, what Mueller said, and what, if anything, Barr used from it to make his decisions.

Speaking of decisions, if Barr is to be believed – and that’s a big if – then Mueller wrote a report that didn’t make one decision regarding any crimes he examined. Is this possible? It is hard to believe and highly unusual, if true.

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APWU National Presidents Conference discourages sharing on social media

Save the APWU·Thursday, March 21, 2019
(Photo credit: Samuel Wood, President, Southwest Florida APWU Local)
Those in attendance at the APWU National Presidents Conference allegedly voted to impose a ban from those in attendance from posting the events of the conference on social media. Our source reports this motion was made by Omar Fernandez President, APWU State of Vermont. We will work to find additional sources to confirm Mr. Fernandez made this motion. However, one would believe it might be as there is almost no information on social media about the National Presidents Conference.
From recent NPC reports shared via email and APWU websites at the local level one would be led to believe this was due to heated debate over an alleged violation of the APWU Constitution by APWU National President Mark Dimondstein.
From what I can tell from sources mentioned above President Dimondstein was asked about his alleged violation of the APWU Constitution for failing to utilize the APWU National Craft Directors to extend mandated by the constitution during the negotiating process for the union’s national labor contract. I personally will use the term alleged because the APWU is a very secretive organization that does not promote transparency. If this is found to be true one would wonder what the penalties of such actions are? Will there be a formal investigation and what are the procedures for holding such an investigation?
I have made telephone calls, sent emails and texts to those in attendance to learn more about the social media ban. Supposedly the ban was imposed so members of the locals could learn of the events of the conference from their local officers before finding out about them on social media. I totally agree with this ban. One wouldn’t want to learn via social media their union was facing a lawsuit for failing to represent their members in contract negotiations via social media. For the sake of full transparency, I personally know of no such pending legal action against the APWU. However, the thought has entered my mind maybe this was one of their fears.
Samuel Wood President of the APWU, Southwest Florida Area Local stated in his final report from the National Presidents Conference that Scott Hoffman, Chairman of the Rank & File Committee and President, APWU Boston Metro Local said President Dimondstein was “lying” about crucial events during the contract negotiating process. According to Mr. Wood’s report Hoffman’s conclusions were based on interviews by the Rank & File committee of national officers.
It is more than obvious by all written accounts including those on official APWU social media outlets someone is trying to hide something. We can only speculate what that might be. In the Statement from President Mark Dimondstein to APWU on Status of Collective Bargaining dated December 21st, 2018 Dimondstein made the following comment:
“Negotiations and interest arbitrations are fluid and challenging. They are not helped by rumors, half-truths, fabrications, innuendos and accusations.”
However, we do know the Rank & File Committee voted the tentative agreement down 9 to 4. Something that hasn’t happened in the APWU for decades and what appears to be a cover up of the events around the events for who knows what purposes. Keep in mind President Dimondstein perceived this tentative agreement to be “fair and positive” for member of the APWU. We can only speculate because the NPC has probably imposed social media ban and information will move very slowly on this issue.

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